Oskar the Nameless


Oskar is the son of a blacksmith and a homemaker. He had a good childhood, and his father taught him to wield an axe, and taught him some basic crafting. He was always impatient and impulsive, even as a child, where he ofter got into trouble for fighting with the other children. He left home at a young age (teenage equivalent in dwarf years) after an argument with his parents, vowing never to return and abandoning his family name. This is how he became an adventurer. Initially he took petty quests in exchange for food and shelter, though his jobs became more mercenary work as he grew older. It was after one of these mercenary jobs that he met the other adventurers and began our quest.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Goals: To make a lot of money so nobody can mess with him.


Oskar the Nameless

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