Kithry Teaberry


Name: Kithry Teaberry (some call him “kit”).

Race: halfling

Class: rogue

Alignment: fluctuates around neutral
Physical Description: just a little guy standing at a whopping 3’2" and tipping the scales at a hefty 34lbs. Has straight black hair in a ponytail (most of the time). Eyes appear to be black, but noone knows for sure because he always shuts his eyes when anyone tries to look. He’s just into adulthood at 21 yrs of age and eager to venture into the world to become who he is. He has no visible distinguishable markings and is not looking to change that.

Small Bio: Kithry comes from a “wealthy” family. ( above average for the standard halfling race). His father, Mantic, who was always on the look for better financial gains, was working in a mine as horse-and-wagon operator who transported materials to the workers underground. His mother,Bree, found entertainment elsewhere after jumping on the next wagon out of camp just after Kithry reached adulthood. As most halflings are, Kithry and his father both belonged to a thieves guild in the northeast of Zilargo, although Kithry hasn’t been there in a short while.
Kithry thought of his father’s work as boring and set out into the world seeking adventure and wealth. Not having any particular direction to travel, he does not question the direction his decisions take him.

Loves playing hide-and-seek. As well as games of chance. So far, no food has had any ill effect on him, however the occasional drink has left him a little incapacitated at times.

He dislikes any cruelty to animals having the potential to become pets. Also a bit timid of big hulking humans carrying swords and wearing heavy armor. He will intentionally keep distance from them and an eye on them at the same time. He loves those with no impulse control for the sole reason of that they provide entertainment in any situation.

His only known weakness found so far is stranded,sick puppies. (might be the death of


Kithry Teaberry

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