The Once and Future King

You can say that again

After 3 or 4 days of shopping individually in Galethspyre for items to aid in their questing, our party of Oscar, Duncan, Tamsin, and Kithry agreed to meet up at an Inn just outside of town called the Gator’s Gullet, so named for the stuffed alligator above the mantle in the great room of this tavern/inn. It seemed like just another night on the road when Oscar and Duncan stepped in from the rainstorm to oversee the inn’s great room. Three figures occupied this room: two gambling brothers named Tanik and Vanik who happened to be twins, and one solitary dwarven prospector called Prak. Duncan made his way to join the twins in their game of chance, while Oscar approached Prak to gather local news. Before long, a pleasant barmaid going by the name of Klarissa arrived to take their orders of food and beverage. Oscar thought little of the flash of blue smoke emanating from a handful of Prak’s powder thrown into the fireplace at first, quickly distracted by a fight that broke out between the twins as to whether or not one had cheated. The innkeeper, Lantish, broke up the kafuffle, just as a scream pierced the night from upstairs. Klarissa went upstairs to investigate, and was followed by our party to discover a young woman in nightclothes declaring she’d seen a rat. Satisfied that it was nothing more than a rodent problem, the team came back downstairs. Before long, Prak had grown tired of the company and declared he would head home, but the Inn’s staff refused, trying to encourage this drunken regular to take a prepared room upstairs. Before long, Klarissa re-emerged from the kitchen with a deep cut in her hand, looking for a clean rag to staunch the flow of blood, which Duncan offered to heal. Klarissa was amazed by his healing touch and offered to skim the inn’s barrel for another mug of cheap homebrew in thanks. The party heard a clatter and smashing glass downstairs, followed shortly thereupon by an exclamation of “Dirty rats!” from Lantish. They scarcely had time to react, however, before sounds of an explosion upstairs caused something most curious to occur …

The party once again found itself reintroducing themselves to the twins and Prak, with a sense of deja-vu so strong they knew something was afoot. Only they seemed to realize it though. Seeking the first most logical explanation, Oscar zeroed in on the dwarf throwing the blue-smoked flash powder, questioning him carefully as to what kind of powder it was. Nothing seemed amiss in Prak’s story, but Oscar bargained half of his chicken dinner for the powder and threw it all in the fireplace, causing a mushroom cloud of blue smoke to fill the room. Duncan next investigated the woman’s quarters upstairs after she screamed and announced the presence of a rat. As expected, this armed and armor-carrying woman currently in a nightshirt did indeed sport a rat of significant size in her room. As it disappeared behind a nightstand close to the wall, the woman, Elthia, was quick to hint that her investigator should make himself scarce, which he did. Duncan passed the drunken Prak, being led by Lantish, on the way down the stairwell and was little surprised to see Klarissa emerge once again with a cut hand from the kitchen. He once again healed her. When they heard glass shatter in the basement below this time, Duncan and Oscar were quick to investigate, finding broken glass and a yellowish liquid that might have been ale in a puddle on the floor of the basement. Several rats scurried about, disturbed by the appearance of the guys. They offered to help with the rat problem, but failed to kill all of the rats before an explosion reset the timeloop again.

On the third loop, Duncan and Oscar split forces. Duncan heading directly upstairs and Oscar rudely demanding that Prak give him the powder before he had opportunity to throw it. The same sequence of events repeated themselves, save that this time, Klarissa’s hand was saved from cutting, and the guys had time alone downstairs in the cellar to more carefully examine its contents. Disappeared for so long, Lantish finally found the adventurers downstairs and demanded to know why his safety chest, containing the Inn’s profits, was damaged. Offering to help with the rat problem once again, the guys evaded Lantish’s questioning, but a glass container of yellow liquid was still knocked to the floor as Lantish escourted them out of the cellar. Frustration mounted as the loop began again.

In the subsequent loops, Oscar and Duncan were able to enlist the help of the visiting cleric Nantiken in trying to determine what was happening. They suspected Nantiken’s Glyph of Warding had something to do with it, but could not pinpoint who or what was setting it off, or how this had anything to do with the loop in time.

It was only by hijacking Nantiken in his room after learning the “password” to Nantiken’s Glyph of Warding that the guys were able to determine that a rat soaked in the liquid from the cellar, crossing and detonating on the Glyph of Warding was the source of all the time-bending going on.

Though they’d never seen “Groundhog’s day”, Duncan and Oscar were similarly able to right all wrongs and leave the Inn with a clean slate by correctly predicting and preventing the series of events as they unfolded. Kithry, late for their meetup, was none the wiser.


Umbralore Umbralore

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