The Once and Future King

Warforged follies

Our party, composed of the halfling rogue Kithry, the streetrat-turned-turned-fighter Aedek, and the foreign cleric Yorik, met on a dark and stormy night at the Red Rooster Pub and Inn. The kindness of Yorik when it came to buying rounds left the party in quite a befuddled state when they eventually ran across a murder scene – the university Provost Bonal Geldem had just recently been taken out by a warforged unit named Cutter. After Cutter scored a near-mortal blow in battle against Aedek, Yorik wisely decided to attempt to push the warforged off the high suspended bridge the party found itself upon. Sadly, an especially effective slash from Cutter’s battle axe felled Yorik as well. Kithry spent several skittish minutes dodging the warforged’s attacks before the City Watch appeared, scaring the assassin off.

Sgt. Hortiln Dolom quickly assessed the situation and provided medical aid to the fallen warriors to stabilize them before the entire party was escourted back to the local station. A stroke of good fortune befell the party when healing potions were provided to revive the fallen fighters, whereupon Yorik used his healing skills to restore the party to fully functional status. In return for his assistance, Sgt. Dolom demanded that the party repay the favor by helping a “friend of the watch”, Lady Elyandra d’Vown of the House Cannith. The party met Lady Elyandra the following day at the Broken Anvil Alehouse, where she shared the nature of the mysterious journal that had been found with Bonal Geldem – it documented the location of a piece of a creation schema of great importance to the House Cannith … somewhere deep within the bowels of the city of Sharn, below the sewers. Lady Elyandra was able to provide maps detailing portions of the expedition to the doorway located at double-valve E-213. She promised a reward of 1000 gp, of which she would spot the party 100 gp, should they take up her cause.

The party first made their way into the sewers where they stumbled upon the “Rat’s market” – a “second hand and salvage” operation where a particularly observant Kithry was able to get some reasonable bargains. Market Master Skakan was successfully intimidated into revealing the location of the route to double-valve E-213, but Yorik was able to intuit that the party had made an enemy of Skakan. As the party made their way single file down the dank stairwell to the location of the doorway, they were once again beset upon by yet another warforged attacker. As the party backed its way into the large open space where their next battle was to take place, Yorik detected the sound of 2 more approaching figures, as yet unidentified …


Umbralore Umbralore

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