The Five Nations

The calendar used throughout Khorvaire counts years from the date 1 YK (the first Year of the Kingdom), when Galifar I united five disparate nations into a single kingdom that carried his name. Even as Galifar ascended the throne of the Kingdom of Galifar, he set his five children up as the governor-princes of the Five Nations, each of which retained much of its unique culture and national identity through the life of the united kingdom. Today, they remain the heart of Khorvaire, carrying the names of Galifar’s children despite conquest, unification, and the devastating effects of the Last War.

Aundair lies in the northwestern part of Khorvaire’s central core. Today, it is the most sparsely populated of the remaining four nations, with much of its land occupied by farms and vineyards. Fairhaven, its capital and largest city, is less than half the size of Sharn, and Aundair in general is far less urbanized and industrial than Breland and the other nations. As a center of learning, it exports books and scholars alongside its wines, cheeses, and grains.

Breland, the largest surviving nation in population as well as land area, has a highly industrialized economy, relying on mining and metalwork of various kinds. Despite the urban image it presents— primarily because of Sharn (Khorvaire’s largest city) and the bustling metropolis of its capital, Wroat – Breland covers large tracts of land that include tilled fields as well as mines, quarries, and forests.

Karrnath rivals Breland in sheer size, but can hardly compete in numbers of people. Karrnath suffered under plague and famine at the start of the Last War and has never quite recovered. It is best known for its militaristic mindset and extensive use of undead troops. For all that, it is not a nation of necromancers. Because the nation is heavily forested, Karrnath’s economy is based on its lumber industry, and it also exports ale, livestock, and dairy products.

Thrane, the smallest of the Five Nations in land area, boasts a population larger than that of Aundair. Thrane is a theocracy, no longer ruled by a descendant of Galifar but controlled by the Church of the Silver Flame. Outside the great cities of Flamekeep and Thaliost, orchards and ranches help support the nation’s economy, while textile production and other fine crafts drive its industry.

Cyre, the fifth nation that carried the name of a scion of Galifar, no longer exists. The outlying lands that once belonged to Cyre have been divided among Darguun, Valenar, and the Talenta Plains, while the former heart of the nation has become the blasted waste called the Mournland. Created by a magical catastrophe near the end of the Last War, the Mournland remains hostile to all life. The remnants of the Cyran population live in its old territories, as well as in eastern Breland and Q’barra.

The Five Nations

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