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  • Bonal Geldem

    Bonal is the (dead) provost at the school of pre-galifar studies at Morgrave University, killed by the warforged known as Cutter

  • Skakan

    Skakan is a rough and tough goblin always interested in turning a profit, He holds a mean grudge against those who cross him.

  • Lady Elyandra d'Vown

    Lady Elyandra has delicate features, dark blue eyes, sleek black hair often bound back and a signet ring of the house Cannith on her right hand. She employed the party to retrieve a Cannith family heirloom - an ancient schema - from the lost foundry deep …

  • The Fist

    Found at Sharn's lower "games market" playing Sovereign's Gambit. Has a package he wants transported to Morcant's estate in Galethspyre

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