Tamsin Arrowway

House Orien courier and Sorceress


Race: Human
Class: Sorceress
Alignment: chaotic good
Deity: The Sovereign Host (of upbringing, mostly agnostic as an adult though)
Physical description: human female with dark brown hair, green eyes, waifish build, high cheekbones, wears her hair in a french braid, generally well-kept appearance, wears a signet ring of the house orien on a silver chain around her neck, small scar on her chin, full lips. 5’5” tall, 120 lbs,
Typical dress: Hooded forest green travelling cloak with a brass brooch, loose embroidered full-sleeved high-collared cotton tunic with mink fur vest, riding pants, high leather boots
Age: 24
Past Employment(s): Courier for the house Orien (couriers guild), has been a courier for 4 years
Nationality: Aundairian
Hometown: Passage, a city of 16,300, in Aundair
Family: Only child of Sef and Brianna Arroway (used to privilege)… Sef is a bureaucrat in the House Orien enclave in Passage. Mother runs the family estate (including vinyards) there. Brianna was originally Brianna d’Orien (minor nobility).
Likes: good red wine, strong cheeses, hot baths, magebred horses, fooling people with her magical disguise abilities, chess, romantic stories, great bardic performances
Dislikes: bad red wine, being dirty, swindlers, most insects, ignorance, fanatical religious people
Strengths: discretion, strong-willed, educated, well-travelled (geography), can disguise herself magically (often does), generally accepting of other races and traditions
Weaknesses: physically weak, easily swayed by attractive men, irrational fear of spiders, centipedes, other creepy crawlies, superstitious
Goals: To see the world before her mother forces her to marry and settle down with children, to get a posting based in Fairhaven, to climb the House Orien ladder there and obtain a position of power – perhaps as a personal courier to the Aundarian monarchy (she has no interest in bureaucracy), to develop her skills as a sorceress (she secretly hopes she will develop a dragonmark like her grandmother had)


Tamsin Arrowway

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