Morrison Hunt

Gamekeep at Mooncrest Lodge and Manservant to Prince Morcant


Morrison is a man of few words who tends to avoid contact with everyone at Mooncrest Lodge save Prince Morcant. He has an enigmatic past before his arrival at Mooncrest 6 months ago. He tends the hunting hounds and horses, and is gone for long stretches scouting out new game for Morcant to kill. He often chats with Morcant into the wee morning hours in the Lodge’s great room about great hunts past and monsters met in his earlier life as an adventurer. He is one of the few men to have bested Prince Morcant in a fencing duel. Morrison was revealed to be a vampire during the party’s expedition to retrieve their lost gear at Mooncrest Lodge. When last seen, he was lying in an underground cave with a “wooden stake” through his heart.


Morrison Hunt

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