Duncan Mori

A selfless Aiurdinian cleric on a mission


Race: Human

Class: Cleric

Alignment: Lawful Good (Slipping into Neutral Good)

Deity: Fharlanghn

Physical description: Human male, dark brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes. A tanned athletic build, with a barrel chest and broad shoulders. Usually sports a rakish unshaven look, with weary tired eyes beyond his years. His body is unmarred except for a large scar across his chest he obtained during the fall of Aiurdin.

6’2 250 lbs

Typical dress: Duncan favors heavy armor and plate mail. Wearing his father’s cleric robes on top of the armor.

Age: 35

Past Employment(s): A squire before becoming a Cleric at a young age.

Nationality: Aiurdinian

Hometown: Aiurdin – A huge commerce island rich in resources and magic. The merchants begrudgingly shared their island with an ancient order of Clerics tasked in dealing with the undead. Two decades ago an undead horde rose up and swallowed nearly every living soul on the island. Little is known about the calamity as there are so few survivors.

Family: Duncan comes from a long lineage of Clerics. The last he saw of his family, was on the day Aiurdin was overrun. Duncan bore witness to his Father’s final stand on the Aiurdin docks. He watched as his Father succumbed to the horde of undead, buying Duncan’s ship enough time to escape. His last memory of his mother and brother was their fading outline as their ship drifted from view. As the ship faded into the mist Duncan could see ghoulish hands rising from the water, and clamoring up the ship’s hull.

Likes: Ale of all kinds, chess, debating, do-goodery, local color, telling tales around a fire.

Dislikes: Mages, swimming, damp armor, cold armor, deserts.

Strengths: Altruistic, kind-hearted, empathic, selfless, strong-willed, loyal

Weaknesses: Stubborn, naive, gullible, clumsy, penchant for booze

Goals: To raise enough platinum to fund an expedition back to his homeland to discover what caused the undead plague, and to wipe out the horde. To find other scattered survivors of Aiurdin. To ally himself with members of The Deathguard.To meet up with his kinsman Yorick.


Duncan Mori

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