The Once and Future King

Steal my dice, pay the price

Kithry and Oskar decided the most efficient way to escape Mooncrest Lodge after 3 days of recovery in the badger’s den was to steal some horses and take off down the road leading back to Galethspyre. For the most part, they were correct, save the fact that the party tracking them had hunting scent hounds, and that firing crossbow bolts from an elevated position beside the road would give away their position. Oskar drew the brunt of the unwanted attention of the 4 pursuing guards, while Kithry’s light crossbow bolts skittered by mostly unnoticed. Vastly outnumbered, a few well placed sword blows by Prince Morcant’s guardsmen felled the dwarf, who looked poised to spill the last of his life’s blood across the grassy hilltop where he was overcome.

Kithry did his best to prove that brains could match brawn, using his thundersticks to scare off two of the guardsmen’s horses, left on the road, and his smokesticks to create a cloud of thick black fog which would not dissipate in the breezeless day. Leading the stolen horses across a stream and into the woods beyond, Kithry was able to circle back to the spot where Oskar had miraculously stabilized and perform an act of might so incredible the DM could scarcely believe it, lifting the armored unconscious body back onto a horse before taking off to the conveniently located waterfall hideaway where the party had previously battled an ogre. Once again, the small ones had time (but not food) to recover from their war wounds, until they were finally ready to take to the road leading back to Galethspyre.

Their first clue that things were not going to be as easy as hoped was the illustrated wanted poster (offering a paltry award of a mere 100 gp) hanging on the community bulletin board at the outskirts of town. At the city gates, the lazy looking watchmen were enough to convince Oskar that the pair should consider other avenues of travel. Reluctantly, Kithry agreed – after all, he was pretty sure he was not feeling any effects from the prince’s supposed “poisoning”. Oskar was intent on continuing back to Sharn, however, by country roads if needs be, to track down the Alchemist Jezel Aberforth, whose name appeared on the invoices listing various chemicals and poisons that might be the substances administered to them.

An almost unnoteworthy encounter with a bugbear reminded the half-pint heroes how quickly the tone of a traveller’s day could change, but it was the only thing that punctuated the trip back to Sharn along the shores of the dagger river. Pushing their horses to their limits, the party was able to reach the city with a week left until the effects of their ingested poison were supposed to make themselves known…


Umbralore Umbralore

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