The Once and Future King

It's a boat time

With three members of the royal guard left to fight, our party of Kithry, Oscar, Duncan and Tamsin had to keep their wits about them as they tried to maintain the upper hand on the lightning rail car. Though the dwarf Oscar battled bravely, he soon succumbed to his wounds while battling the King’s soldiers, falling to the ground in front of the coach door where one royal guard still fought. Kithry’s arrows took their toll, while stalwart Duncan straddled Oscars unconscious body to do the unthinkable … (minds out of the gutter, please) … fell the last royal armsman. Meanwhile, Tamsin used her magic missiles to some effect and Kithry’s arrows ensured that the last man standing in the name of the king chose to flee rather than fight the bloodied party. Duncan was able to use his healing spells to revive Oscar, and after agreeing to meet at the Split Keel tavern, dockside, Tamsin transformed her appearance and took off at a run to evade any reinforcements that might appear. With the lightning rail station now boarded up and locked tighter than a Kundurak bank vault, the remaining party had no choice but to abandon with well populated city market in front of them in favor of the wooded area behind the lightning rail station. This was a strategy that seemed to work for them, as they rested and recovered a full day from their travails.

At first, the group boldly strolled the dockside, confident in their anonymity, but when a Wanted leaflet was finally found nailed to one of the dockside posts describing a maurading party of a halfling, dwarf, and two humans, our heroes decided that it was best to reassume a low profile and let Duncan, the more anonymous human, do the legwork. After an hour or so of searching, the honest cleric found the Split keel tavern, and was once again accosted by a disguised Tamsin, who told him the gang was to reassemble there at dusk. A tattooed dwarf named Bellamin Soulaxe, who owned the establishment, was quick to lead our party to a storage room out back once they’d arrived, and offer two choices for escaping Wroat as wanted men. Given the option of an escape by water or wagon, the party chose Gyptian caravan as their preferred means of transport, and lady luck agreed, seeing them out the city gate of Wroat undetected. Four days passed on the road with Bresaadi Millstone to the ruins of Glyphstone keep, allowing all in the party to recover from what ailed them before being let off at the old defense post from the last war. The only signs of human activity were the military gravestones bounding the cannibalized keep’s walls.

It should have come as no surprise, therefore, when the party was attacked that night by a gang of ghouls, who did their best to bite and scratch at the party of unsuspecting victims. However, Oscar was particularly attuned in the way of the warrior for this battle, and almost single-handedly destroyed the mauraders before Duncan used his powers as a cleric to detonate the final ghoul in an explosion of fetid flesh and rotting entrails. Kithry kept an unobservant Tamsin on edge with some pebble throws as entertainment while the final early morning hours ticked by, earning the sorceress’ disapproval. When the ferry to cross the Dagger River arrived the next morning, everyone was not quite as well rested as they’d have liked to have been, but still sound in body.

The ferry captain and his crew seemed content to let the party do the nasty work when further danger finally sailed into the picture, in the form of a raiding party of 4 kobolds, but it was our party who benefited most greatly in the end, earning themselves a keeled boat of their own in exchange for some “light work” involving crossbows. They made decent work of pretending to be sailors, with the help of a ferry deckhand, with only Tamsin falling overboard in a particularly turbulent area. Arriving in Galethspyre, the city of Brelish Blue textiles, the party were able to sell their newly acquired boat for 5000 gp, with a 1000 gp closing fee still pending. Duncan was also able to dye his cape from cleric’s white to the sky blue of low nobility. Rich with the proceeds of their boat venture, the party took time to stock up on newer, higher quality equipment, before proceeding to Prince Morcant ir’Wynarn’s hunting estate.


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