The Once and Future King

Introducing ...

With the days ticking by until the poison in their veins was scheduled to take its evil effect, Kithry and Oskar had little time to consider the hand-delivered note that arrived for them at the Sharnish Inn in the city’s lower quarters. Instead, they focused on ways they could rid their systems of the venom. They made their way to a Temple of Dol Dorn, intent on paying whatever price that could secure a cure for them. They were met by a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed, scarred cleric in Dol Dorn’s robes who introduced himself as Thaddeus. Thaddeus was able to correctly determine that Oskar had been poisoned with snow moccassin (while Kithry’s system was poison-free), but it was beyond his powers to heal with the mundane arts. Seeking the advice of a church elder, Oskar bargained him down to the astonishing price of 150 gp for a Neutralize Poison spell – but there was a catch. Oskar would be accompanied for a month by a cleric of Dol Dorn’s order – namely Thaddeus – to ensure that he adhered to the moral code of the God who had granted this boon. If at any time Oskar was deemed unworthy, Thaddeus was instructed to smite him with all his god’s vengeful wrath. Oskar, however, was strangely optimistic that this new development would be to his liking.

After collecting his things (including one kick-ass war horse), Thaddeus joined the duo on their way to the Dark Lanterns’ secret meeting place in Myriad tower – where they were instructed by “V” to meet a guard at noon with their letter of introduction. The guard, however, was nowhere to be seen upon arrival, and it was only after some involved discussions with a seeming beggar that the party realized he was the guard they were looking for. He unlocked the sturdy iron gate blocking the stairs leading up to the greenhouse where "V’ awaited them in front of a greenhouse table littered with gardening tools, along with a rather ugly looking elf of slight proportions with a crooked ear and eye sewn shut. “V” introduced himself as Violl, one of the King’s Dark Lanterns – the covert eyes and ears of the King in the country of Breland. He demanded they “audition” for their role as quest-takers, while laying out a line of 6 cure minor wounds potions before them. Thaddeus seemed intent enough to pursue this line of action, while Kithry and Oskar had reasons to doubt this pale, guant man and his elven associate.

Would they or wouldn’t they take the mission?


Umbralore Umbralore

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