The Once and Future King

Anchors Away

The fight at the Aundarian Embassy continued, with both Thaddeus and Oskar attempting to bring the fugitive to justice through feats of arms. Sadly, Thaddeus was felled by Lucan before he was able to slay him, and might have succumbed to his wounds were it not for the timely application of a healing potion by Oskar. Thaddeus extended a heroic reach to attempt to channel positive energy into what he now assumed was an undead opponent, missing first before finally successfully hitting Lucan. He was fiercely retaliated upon, causing him to lose consciousness yet again, whereupon Oskar, with few hit points left, decided to flee. Only Aust was left to attempt to distract Lucan through the use of his flaming sphere spell, which he did with some success – even managing to convince Lucan that the spellcaster had, in fact, been Kithry, who suffered for this misunderstanding by taking a nasty attack from Lucan.

Surprisingly, none of the combatants was chased outside by Lucan. Aust tried, with only limited success, to convince the guard at the door to enter to premesis and investigate. With little other choice, the survivors of the embassy fight spent the evening either in a hotel or wandering the streets, trying to make sense of what had happened and what their next step should be.

Meanwhile, Thaddeus awoke in the Embassy (sometime later), bandaged and only slightly better off than Lucan’s dead female victim. He gingerly rose and made his way to the door of the room he had been housed in. The guards at the embassy entrance were more than surprised to see that he was still alive, and implored upon him to meet with the Ambassador before leaving. This man, too, was pleasantly surprised that Thaddeus had survived the night and offered what assistance he could as recompense for Thaddeus’ troubles. An escourt to the healing station of the House Jorasco was arranged, as well as a later meeting with Neya ir’Krell. It was during this meetign that Thaddeus learned that Neya had met with Lucan in order to give him a password for free passage on a House Lyrander airship to a foreign country. By the time Neya realized that Lucan was no longer human, or the kind man she had known and agreed to help, it was too late. The distraught woman agreed to attempt to help the party board the ship to continue their pursuit of Lucan.

Meanwhile, assuming they had lost Thaddeus in the battle, the rest of the party did what they could to recruit a new healer to their cause. Sadly, the bar proved a poor place to do so – eventually leading them to the same Temple to Dol Dorn that Neya had agreed to meet Thaddeus at later in the day. The party now reunited, they debated the merits of continuing their dangerous mission, but upon receiving a password from Neya, decided to at least cursorily investigate the airship port to see what could be discovered there.

A chat with a dockworker revealed that an airship was to leave for Karnnath on the North side of the continent within minutes, but that there was no airship leaving for Darguun from this location. Thaddeus, frustrated by the party’s indecision regarding their next course of action, approached one of the crewmen of the airship and whispered the password he had been given by Neya. Almost without warning or cause, the party suddenly found themselves in the company of five gnome crewman aggressors. As the party methodically took down the first 3 crewmen with a combination of sword slashes, spells, and arrows, the airship began to pull in its gangplank and prepare to set sail. It was at this point that Kithry pulled out his feather/anchor and dashed heroically to the departing airship, anchoring it where it was in the water with his magical item. The fight continued, with Kithry entering the fray once more with a surprise kill from behind on a particularly pesky archer before making an astounding dropkick to the remaining combatant. Left prone, the gnome rolled off the dock and into the water, where he flailed ineffectually for a few moments before Thaddeus fished him out of the water.

It remained uncertain what the party’s next step would be, but it was almost certain this captured gnome was to play a part.


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